Abdominal Ultrasound Course

Abdominal Ultrasound Course | Abdominal Ultrasonography Course | Abdominal Ultrasound Training Course | Abdominal Sonography Course | Abdominal Ultrasound Course India | Certificate in Abdominal Ultrasound

Certificate Program In Abdominal Ultrasonography

Training program in Abdominal Ultrasonography provides essential learning &diagnosing tool for practicing Sonologists/Surgeons/Physicians to help their patients arrive at correct diagnosis and better management of ailments.

Course Duration :-

6 Days

Eligibility :-

MBBS (Sonologists), Physicians & Surgeons

Topics Covered include :-

Ultrasound Physics – Principles & Instrumentation

Ultrasound Abdomen– Normal & Abnormal anatomy


Liver 1 - Normal anatomy, developmental anomalies, Congenital abnormalities

Liver 2 - Infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, Cirrhosis, Vascular Abnormalities

Liver 3 - Neoplasms, Trauma

Gall Bladder

Gall Bladder - Normal Anatomy & Variants, Gall Bladder Calculus, Cholecystitis, Gall Bladder Masses

Gall Bladder & Biliary Tree - anatomy and pathological conditions

Pancreas - Normal Anatomy, Inflammatory Diseases, Acute and chronic, Neoplasms

Spleen - Normal appearance, Congenital Anomalies, Pathologic Conditions

Kidney - Normal Anatomy, Congenital Anomalies, Calculus Disease, Renal Cystic Disease and Renal Masses

Urinary Bladder - Normal and Abnormal- Calculi, cystitis , malignancies, foreign bodies etc.

Prostate- Normal and abnormal– BPH and malignancies

Gastro - Intestinal Tract- Appendicitis , bowel anomalies

Others- Adrenals, Retro - Peritoneum, Great Vessels Aorta/IVC, Abdominal Wall, Pleura, Pericardium etc.