Diploma Course in Infertility

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Certificate Program In Infertility Ultrasound + TVS

Training program in Infertility Ultrasound provides essential learning & diagnosing tool for practicing Gynaecologistswho wish to persue career in the field of Infertility

Course Duration :-

1 Day

Eligibility :-

Sonologists & Gynaecologists

Topics Covered include :-

Gynaecology – Normal Sonographicappearance of Uterus, Ovaries and POD

Abnormalities – Myomas, Adenomyosis, Endometrial Hyperplasia and Polyps, Atrophic Endometerium, PID,Endometritis , Ovarian cysts, PCOD and Sonosalpingography.

TAS and TVS techniques will be taught in detail.