Diploma in Color Doppler In Obstetric Gynaecology

Certificate Program In Level II Scan Color Doppler In Obstetric Gynaecology | Colour Doppler Training in India

Training program in Obstetrics & Gynaecology ultrasound provides essential learning for practicing Sonologists/Gynaecologists those who wish to perform higher level of ultrasound and diagnosing & excluding anomalies in fetus. Color Doppler in Obstetrics will help to exclude IUGR and fetal anemia correctly. Color Doppler in Gynaecology will help to exclude ovarian malignancies and also helpful in infertility.

Course Duration :-

2 Days

Eligibility :-

Sonologists & Gynaecologists

Topics Covered include :-

Level 2 Scan in detail & major congenital anomalies

Color Doppler- Physics – Introduction to Doppler effect, Types of Doppler, Doppler indices etc.

Use of Color Doppler in Obstetrics & Gynaecology – IUGR, Cord around the neck, Fetal Anemia, Malignant ovarian masses , Infertility etc.